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Getting it right first time, workforce development collaoboration

The NHS, Local Authorities, private providers and the voluntary sector, spend fortunes and resources in delivering training up and down the country.

1) have a central learner management system which all providers can book staff on to courses, this would save waste of running courses half full

2) to achieve the above we would need to have a framework for learning and development to meet - this would be about setting standards and being endorsed providers (SFC already run this system)

3) we need a CPD system for the sector where the workforce gain credits for achieving qualifications, which are accredited and transferable, this saves costs in re-training 

4) professional registration of the social care workforce, employee led system which give the social care workforce parity and recognition with Health - this would allow staff to have career paths from social care in to health and from health to social care

5) this would support attraction, recruitment, retention and sustainability of the healthy and social care workforce

6) overall we should work in collaboration and not isolation a national strategy and framework with local implementation and delivery of workforce development

7) finally ditch the initiative overload system, keep it simple, all of the ideas some great and some not - do they have any impact? we need to work smarter, follow the automotive sectors approach, re-engineer the process, reduce waste, work collaboratively and get it right first time!

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

I am fully supported in my role to be creative and innovative

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

as above

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Golly DHSC 10 months ago

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your ideas. Some of the points you've raised also came out from the social care workforce strategy consultation DHSC and Skills for Care ran earlier this year. As you know, individual social care providers make independent choices on the training they require their staff to undertake, where they source the training, and whether to accept training or qualifications that new staff have gained with previous employers. We know that this results in inconsistencies and re-training.

We'd be keen to hear if you or others have views on how to bring about long lasting changes in a system with 20,300 independent providers of social care services.


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nigel taylor 10 months ago

Golly Happy to discuss anytime, we have a national employer group so you could attend and discuss. Hovever mr Hancock may remember back to when he was skills minister and the ukces employer ownership of skills project, of which the sector along with SFC submitted a proposal named the talent pipeline project, it not only addressed these issues but also attraction and recruitment, proceeding this we have been trialling a care hub concept which we have established with a local authority and training providers FE , DWP, care providers and latterly the local LEP

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nigel taylor 10 months ago

Golly, happy to have a call on this if you email me or you should have my mobile

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Golly DHSC 10 months ago

Thanks Nigel, more information would be great. We'll be in touch next week.

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nigel taylor 9 months ago

HI are you going to discuss further or not?

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Golly DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Nigel, sorry for the delay. I've sent you a private message so we can pick up the conversation there. Thanks, Golly

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