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'How to save the NHS'

Starting a new position - offer of loan - of paying first month rent interest free and garnishing repayment over 12 months.

What would you like to happen to make you feel more included and valued at work?

Properly rewarded with surplus qualified nursing staff to give patients the care and attention that they deserve. Pay us a living wage as we have families.

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Golly DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

Do you have any examples of things your current or previous employers have done well to make you feel respected and valued? In addition to capturing new ideas, we're also keen to capture existing best practice.


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PATRICIA CLARKE 9 months ago

I worked abroad in a hospital in the United States and they respected and valued their employees by allowing them to choose their rotas. The choices were either permanent nights or permanent days. Rotas that respect and value their employees interdependence as mature adults, with families and therefore they are more than capable of knowing what shifts suits their patients and their own work - life balance. Presently the NHS perpetuates a paternalistic working culture as a result of insecure managers who are loathe to give up their 'power' over their employees to dictate how they serve under a poorly micromanaged 'corporate' healthcare environment that the NHS has become.

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