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Take a rest break away from the work environment

All staff should be enabled to take their break away from their work environment. They should be able to eat and not be disturbed with work issues or phone calls during their break. 

Too many staff accept a culture of working through breaks and finishing late. This is not good for physical or emotional health and leads to burn out, sickness and low staff morale. Staff are not paid to work through breaks so are entitled to have them. 

Rachel Macrow 8 months ago

Agree entirely but the workload pressures are so great that we compromise our own wellbeing to try and support an under resourced service because we do not want to inconvenience patients who may have already faced lengthy waits for attention.

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Jamie 8 months ago

Yes, we don't even have staff canteens or staff rooms anymore, they have all been opened up to the public or allowed for carers/visitors in the name of improving patient/carer experience, which is great for them, but now frankly there is nowhere for staff to go to get away from it all for a moment.

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