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Throw a web across the world

Lets use technology to link professional networks to provide peer support and training. By providing a data secure space providing webinars, blogs, video conferencing we could be providing themed spaces. Imagine how services would improve if we could link the world class experts that we have directly with front-line staff, or how networks could support each other to develop services across agencies.

How does your employer help you to develop your skills or career?

Currently many are allowed to use brief moments of time during the day to communicate electronically

What would you like to happen to enable you to develop your skills and career more?

We would need to develop a secure platform and ensure the credentials of those accessing the site. For some people protected time would be needed, particularly if acting in an expert role

edited on Nov 2, 2018 by Isabel DHSC

Golly DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Sally,

Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

The Secretary of State has recently set out his vision for a more tech-driven NHS - you might find his speech interesting -



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