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The NHS is being held to ransom digitally, companies use proprietary formats and systems that do not communicate with each other in order to make as much profit as possible for themselves, [company name removed] especially are infamous for this, £4,000 per ECG machine to allow them to transmit ECG's to computers other than their own proprietary ones.

I also have to use dozens of software systems, manually inputting patient details into each one. The basic IT in general barely works, even Microsoft Office and emails barely work on NHS computers.

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Naomi Jobson 9 months ago

I am in complete agreement with Jamie. We waste too much time with software that isn't fit for purpose. We need a complete digital transformation to benefit staff and patients alike. If we had one system which covered outpatient and inpatient activity, pathology, radiology, GP communication and more, we could work more efficiently as well as collect accurate data to improve patient outcomes and experience. We waste so much time trying to audit our work looking through paper notes and different software systems, only to end up with inaccurate information.

There is no doubt that this needs massive investment but the benefits would be enormous. It would save time and money in the long run. When this eventually happens, my one request is to please talk to as many clinicians on the ground as possible before taking on yet more unsuitable systems. We all have experience of systems in other hospitals, both good and bad, so our input is invaluable.

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Kieran Potts 9 months ago

Could we dare to dream that one system is used across hospital, primary care and community care? Interoperability would be seamless.

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Jamie 9 months ago

Yep, we definitely don't want another Lorenzo system, my trust has 1 too many of those as it is....

£10-15 billion to develop and I can't even get a list of patients coming to my Outpatient clinic that day

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Sam DHSC 9 months ago

Hi Jamie -

Thanks for this - you might be interested to read Matt Hancock's vision for a more tech-driven NHS - you can find it here:


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Jamie 9 months ago

Already have! Thanks anyway

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claire roberts 8 months ago

I couldn't agree more, the NHS is one organisation made up of lots of different hospitals, organisations and groups.
To provide high quality care and maintain patient safety, we should all be able to access relevant patient information through one system.
As a HCP who works across 25 different NHS Hospital Trusts, I am unable to access important patient information without being reliant on someone with access to help me. Taking a valuable member of staff away from direct patient care.
If the structure is good, hospitals can keep their current systems and all the information gets fed into a central program, this will eventually replace the individual systems.
Then patients who get admitted to hospitals other than their local hospital will have access to their medical information without relying on stressed patients and family's, particularly out of hours.

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Pearl Baker 5 months ago

It is important that Carers are viewed as Equal partners, listen to our concerns, and ideas that would make a difference. A Booklet should be given to every Patent/Carer informing their rights. Mental Health patients/Carers have no idea what they are entitled to, who to contact in emergency? this is because even the basics are forgotten a 'Care Plan' is important, knowledge that you are supposed to be patient centred, choices are yours to make, and your life Holistic.

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