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Fast track the fast trackers and save everyone time

I would suggest we have a fast track diagnostics centres built in the new blue ED units or smaller hospital sites.  These units will be shared with hospitals and GP practices and will enable diagnostics of all kinds to be done and reported in a much timelier way than currently by a pooled resource.  Lets face it we need to work different and not just talk about working differently whilst continuing to do the same things and getting the same delays and same problems when things get missed..

You would have to understand the capacity and demand first to get it right and that's never been a NHS strength to date. 

eg patient seen by GP and aware that CT and MRI needed but totally unable to arrange and instead has to refer the patient to hospital to be seen or reviewed before having the tests, even with current improvements.  Patient then MDT reviews and seen in clinic that might not even be the right speciality.  If we focused on pathways and outcomes it would be clearer.  What do I want as a patient? to be diagnosed and then see the right specialist because with pathways even Artificial Intelligence systems could make the right appointments with the right people - saving loads of time and resource and therefore money.

Tanveer DHSC 4 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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