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Healthcare science workforce - your priorities

What do you see as the top three priorities in the healthcare science workforce that this implementation plan should address?

Brad Kay 3 weeks ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Brad Kay 3 weeks ago

Status label added: PANEL QUESTION

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Maximum_Science 1 week ago

1. The jobs of healthcare scientists need more exposure in the media and popular culture - students planning degrees/careers are generally not aware of the roles in a hospital outside of medical/surgical specialisms or nursing.

2. Improved uptake of apprenticeships or graduate training schemes that allow access to roles within healthcare science to those with scientific acumen, but no experience in healthcare science.

3. Mandatory use of tools for planning workforce vs workload - we have tools at our disposal that calculate the amount of staff required for clinical load (also able to predict for future growth). At the moment, individual sites will have varying degrees of success in presenting the need for more staff to management when using these tools. Perhaps wider support for the use of these tools may improve matters.

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Nicola Calder 1 week ago

Listed priorities and first three top three....

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