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Have a care home ward in a hosptial to keep delayed discharge patients safe

It seems to me that the only way to address the delayed discharges who are in hospital but shouldn't be in hospital is a different approach.  The problems that we encounter now are the same problems as they were 20 years ago but the volume has increased.  I am all for long term solutions to community care and stopping people coming into hospital to being with. However, in my opinion the NHS is either a consequence of bad decisions taken in the past or a lovely vision and long term plan.  We need to be less reactive in the present and more reactive in the present.  Why not have a ward changed into a care home type facility of the highest standard that takes all patients with all care needs instead of placing these unfortunate delayed discharge patients into wards that they are simply not suited to and therefore not safe.  Patients get bumped to the wrong areas and they take up beds that would be better used by other patients.  What is even worse than this is that with the best will in the world these patients are not in an environment conducive to their health and recovery.  This happens a lot but doesn't get the emphasis of change it now that it should have.  If you look at it from those patients and families angle a different new type of care could emerge in a hospital environment with care home staff looking after them. 

Andrea Priest 2 months ago

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