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Why is that two piers of the Primary Care system, who both have Safe Guardian responsibilities, are not connected to the HSCN? No access to referrals, Summary Care Records, prescribing, Safe Guardian reporting, part of clinical pathways. We are trying to reduce inequalities in health service while we have inequalities of service for providers. So about 45 million individual patient presentations at 8,500 NHS contracted dental practices with 6,000 high street optometry practices providing  approximately 13 million NHS contracted appointments per annum in England. Is NHS DIGITALX going to sort this out so 14,500 NHS contracted clinical practices and 58 million patients are properly connected.

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Adam DHSC 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your comments Clair. I have made some enquiries and get back to you. Can you highlight some of the impact this will have day to day to you?


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Adam DHSC 2 weeks ago

Hi Clair;
NHSX is a new joint organisation for digital, data and technology and its responsibilities will include ensuring that NHS systems can talk to each other across the health and care system. We want to make sure that our workforce have access to the right information at the right time and so NHSX will play a key role in connecting practices and patients.
Thanks for you comments and please do continue to join the conversations.

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