Talk Health and Care

Talk Health and Care is a space for you to talk about working in health and social care and what would make things better for you. We think there are 5 main areas or ‘challenges’ that can benefit staff:

  • Feeling empowered and achieving their full potential
  • Working without fear of bullying, discrimination or violence
  • Having access to the training, development and support staff need
  • Belonging to an organisation that respects and values everyone's contribution
  • Getting the basics right

We know that some health and care staff say their experience of work does not always support them to provide the quality of care they strive for. We have also heard from staff before about what they would like to change. Now we want to hear in detail about your ideas of how things can change for the better, and we want this to be an ongoing conversation, not just a one-off consultation.

Find out more and start sharing your ideas