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Community rules

This community space is for people to share their ideas and experiences of working in health and social care.

We expect everyone who takes part to follow our community rules. You must:

  • be respectful and considerate of other users

  • keep your comments relevant to the topic

We will not tolerate:

  • abusive language or personal attacks

  • swearing or obscenity

  • threats of violence

  • hate speech – where someone is attacked based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity and serious disease or disability

  • libellous comments

Please also avoid:

  • content that could identify an individual, such as information that could identify a patient

  • overtly political comments

  • Naming of suppliers
  • any advertising or promotion of research, questionnaires or petitions
  • setting up more than one account or sharing your account details

  • posting the same comment more than once

DHSC staff will be moderating and responding to comments. We will take down content that breaks these rules. We may also suspend the accounts of any users who persistently break our community rules.

Report a comment

If you see a comment that doesn’t follow these rules, please use the report function or contact us at

Safeguarding and whistleblowing

Please report any concerns about care or safeguarding issues through the appropriate channels, such as your employer’s safeguarding team or your local authority. If you believe someone to be in immediate risk of harm, please contact the emergency services.

If you have a concern about the care provided where you work, NHS England and the CQC both give guidance about whistleblowing.

If any comments made on this platform raise concerns about safeguarding or whistleblowing issues, we will take them down for the protection of the user or people named in the comments and will share with other people in the Department of Health and Social Care to take action if appropriate.

Complaints to the Department of Health and Social Care

If you wish to raise a complaint with the department, please user our contact form.

Media enquiries

Media enquiries should be directed to our Media Centre.