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We have learnt a huge amount from everyone who has contributed to the #TalkHealthandCare platform. We will continue to work to help solve the problems you’ve identified and implement the great ideas you’ve suggested. We also want to understand what difference the challenges we’re working together to solve are having and would like your ideas about how we might measure success. Tell us your idea below or respond privately via our survey

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Changing demographics, new technology and challenging workloads mean that staff need to be learning continuously. Everyone should have access to learning and development that enables them to provide high-quality care and to develop in their career. Learning should be valued as a lifelong pursuit, but we know that not all staff feel they have access to the development they need. Staff have told us they need to: be actively encouraged to learn continuously, regardless of their position or seniority have access to funding and resources that help them to develop professionally and achieve their career aspirations understand what career options are available to them, regardless of their professional background or work environment. Tell us your experiences by submitting an idea below or respond privately via our survey

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Health and care staff belong to organisations that should respect and value their contribution in the same way that the people they serve are respected and valued. We know that staff do not always feel included and valued in work. People need to feel involved in their organisation and that they have a voice. This means that staff need to: work in an environment where there is a culture of trust and they are treated fairly and with respect feel they have a positive contribution to make and that their team and employer give clear feedback on how well they do their job belong to a professional group or team that they identify with, but also identify with something greater – an employer, the NHS, the social care sector work for employers who recognise the importance of engaging with staff and demonstrate this through their actions be able to progress in their career, regardless of their background   Tell us your experiences by submitting an idea below or respond privately via our survey

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Health and social care jobs are fundamentally about caring for people, so you would expect the sector to be ahead of other careers and professions when it comes to caring for colleagues. However, we know that staff do not always feel treated well and fairly. An unacceptably high number of staff report that they’ve experienced bullying and harassment from their colleagues and the people they care for. Violence against staff, which is never acceptable, is still being reported. Tell us your experiences by submitting an idea below or respond privately via our survey

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We know that staff do not always feel in control or empowered to make decisions about the care they provide every day. Decisions are often made without them being asked what they think and staff do not always feel supported by their colleagues.  If employers create an environment where staff feel empowered and in control of their own choices, this can help them reach their full potential and achieve a better work-life balance. It can have a positive effect on productivity. To feel empowered and in control, staff have told us they need to: work in teams where everyone understands that the NHS and adult social care sector exist for the people they serve, and everything they do is to provide the best possible health and care be part of one team and able to contribute to their place of work no matter their professional background or seniority have a voice in determining how they care for people and how their organisation is run feel that they can try new things and be part of a culture that values new ideas Tell us your experiences by submitting an idea below or respond privately via our survey

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We know that across the health and care system, employers do not always get the basics right. Employers need to: provide for basic physical needs of their staff, such as access to healthy food at work – especially out of hours provide access to support to help staff deal with the emotional strain of caring jobs promote a positive work–life balance and predictable working patterns pay staff fairly and provide benefits that recognise the important jobs they do support staff in keeping fit and healthy, and when recovering from illness or injury provide access to equipment and technology that helps staff do their job and managers run the organisations well Tell us your experiences by submitting an idea below or respond privately via our survey

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